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An open letter to the property industry:

I’ll be frank with you, UK property data is a mess.

Across the Property Industry, our daily activities are hampered by missing, misleading, inaccurate and inaccessible information at an individual property level, which leaves us lagging far behind other sectors such as FinTech.

The average property transaction time is approaching 19 weeks, this protracted transaction time contributes significantly to the 28% of deals which do not complete – these numbers are only increasing, and inaccessibility to trustworthy data is a key culprit.

When I started Sprift 4 years ago today, it was due to my own struggle to obtain the property data I needed for my business. As I spoke to more and more people across the industry, I could see a pattern of poor and inaccessible data emerging; and so began my journey to make a change, to digitise our industry and to do what no-one else had achieved: to make property data trustworthy and accessible to everyone, for the benefit of us all.

Now, 4 years on, and with your help and feedback and the amazing partnerships we have developed across the industry, our resolve to deliver on our mission is stronger than ever.

Read more about our mission to clean up property data here

Every time a property is accessed on Sprift, it triggers a sequence that cross-references and updates the data across all of our sources, ensuring we have the most accurate record of the property possible.

Unfortunately, sometimes the underlying data is wrong (e.g. the original record held by the local authority is incorrect) and this my friends is where you come in. Some of these things can only be corrected through human intervention and when our community let us know of an error we work behind the scenes with the data guardians (e.g. Local Authority, Land Registry) to correct the underlying data.

The more people we have looking at properties on Sprift, the better UK property data will become.

Thank you to the 1000’s of agents we have collaborated with so far. We’ve come a long way, but we still have a big task ahead and I need your help to make property data accurate and accessible to everyone.

I invite you to take that first step and to be part of the change we all want and to help the UK property data industry become world-leading.

To start the ball rolling, we’re giving you free access to the Sprift data dashboard for your first 60 days so you can experience better property data for yourself and we can all contribute to the mission of cleaning up the UK’s property data together.

This week we launched Sprift 2.0 which has over 300 new changes, more datasets, faster report generation, and a large, clear dashboard with all the data you would want in one place. It’s a beautiful business machine and I’m sure you will enjoy using it.

Join the Sprift community today by quoting “Mission” when you sign-up

Now, 4 years on and with your help and feedback and the amazing partnerships

we have developed across the industry, our resolve to deliver on our mission is stronger than ever.

Matt Gilpin

CEO & Founder of Sprift

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