Making Sure Your Prospecting isn’t in Vain

With an average of 388 buyers registered per estate agent branch, yet just 34 properties available per branch, there is a huge disparity between the supply and demand gap for properties. A problem that will only become exacerbated as the market begins to ‘cool down’.

What can agents do to try and meet this demand and bolster the number of properties on their books? Good old prospecting of course! Generally, agents are not too enthusiastic about prospecting but, when it comes to keeping the supply funnel topped up, prospecting is an essential activity that doesn’t have to be painful.

Agents who know and work with us will already be familiar with using our digital dashboard and “Key Facts for Buyer” (KFB) reports to help speed up the sales process, providing upfront information to all parties involved. But these reports could also provide an invaluable prospecting tool, as Jamie Fisher, Managing Director of Taylor Milburn, said:

The biggest gain for us since using Sprift has been with prospecting. By sending the Key Facts for Buyer reports to potential homeowners, we have gained business by offering much more than their current agent. The reports are simple to put together, meaning the time spent is minimal but the return is fantastic, with sellers being amazed by the level of detail the reports offer.”

When it comes to properties that are on the market with another agent, the Key Facts for Buyer reports can be used as a conversation starter with the vendor. For example, you could suggest helping them on the onward search for their next property, offering to produce a KFB report free of charge on any house or flat they are interested in, aiding them with their search. By seeing you as having this knowledge and being helpful, who are they going to think of when instructing another agent if their agent does fail to sell?

Sprift’s data and information can also be used as a reason to get in touch with previous clients – contacting them to see if they’re interested in a valuation and presenting them with a report on their property. This information can really help you to stand out from the crowd as a trusted local expert.

So, armed with Sprift data and information, prospecting doesn’t have to be painful and could increase the number of properties on your books – a winwin for all.

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